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BMW M6 F13 COUPE(plus figures for F12 Convertible *, F06 Grand Coupe ** and 592hp Comp Pack ***) Engine: 4,395 cc V8 32v twin turbocharged Transmission: 7-speed automated, rear-wheel drive Power(hp ): 552@6,000-7,000rpm!.?.!Torque( lb ft ): 502@1,500-5,750rpm!.?.!0-62mph: 4.2 secs(* and ** 4.3 secs, *** 3.9 secs )Top speed: 155mph (restricted )Weight: 1,925 kg(* 2,055 kg, ** 1,950 kg)MPG(official integrated): 28.5 CO2: 232g/km Wheels: 9.5 x 19in(f ), 10.5 x

19(r)Tyres: 265/40(f), 295/35( r) On sale: 2012-2018 Rate new: ₤ 94,000 Cost now: from ₤ 26,000 Note for

reference: car weight and power data is hard to select with outright certainty. For consistency, we

use the exact same source for all our guides. We hope the information we use isright more frequently than it’s incorrect. Our recommendations is to treat it as relative instead of definitive.ENGINE & GEARBOX The performance even on the lower-powered S63 M6s was seriously excellent, accompanied by a moustache-bristling holler in between6,000 and 7,000 rpm. Aftermarket tires would jazz up the atmosphere at lower revs however
at practically any revs the 4.4 biturbo would
get you down the roadway in a thrillingly brisk fashion.Some V10 owners had concerns with their engines and there have actually been blowups on the V8s too. It was a’

hot vee’turbo with the blowers sitting between the 2 cylinder banks, conferring usefully sharper throttle reaction. The main trouble area on earlier( pre-LCI )engines was oil hunger triggered by faulty oil pumps. Paint on the metal sump gaskets was also known to react with the oil causing a buildup

of paint & flakes in the pan. , if the engine seized and was out of warranty you took be looking at service warranty bill might well over ₤ 15kExpenseCosts These engines may ask for a litre of new oil every 1,500-2,000 miles, with BMW itself saying that every 1,000 miles is within tolerance. Using oil isn’t always a concern in itself, and your vehicle might well opt for 6-7,000 miles prior to requiring a top up. Spun rod bearings and failed injectors have actually also been mentioned on online forums.

Companies like Redish Motorsport and others will use preventative maintenance for both. Replacement Bosch injectors can be gotten for ₤ 60 a go but the bearing repair is more labour-intensive. The message for S63 M6 buyers is to a minimum of consider purchasing a warranty.Anyone originating from an SMG transmission in earlier BMWs would be delighted to see the enhancements brought about in the gen-three M6’s exceptional DCT transmission. Gearchanges were predictably immediate in non-auto mode(paddleshift, or push the stick forward for downshifts, draw back for upshifts)but leaving it in automobile was no less rewarding

, with no postponed downshifts and none of the SMG’s part-throttle lurching. All this is great news for the owner who desired the complete plan of the M6 experience, ie the grand touring side as well as the baws-oot side. Authorities fuel consumption is in the 27-28mpg variety depending upon the design however you ought to expect a real-world figure of up to 10mpg worse than that. You always need to pay to play on cars like the M6 but servicing costs may not be as bad as you think. One owner put the total servicing costs for the 70,000 miles he ‘d covered from new in his 2015 M6 coupe at ₤ 2,200. That didn’t cover brake consumables but it did consist of two oil service twos

, one oil service 1, two great deals of brake fluid, three MOTs and two automobile checks. CHASSIS The M6 is a huge automobile in any of its three variations, however the rear-wheel drive format meant it wasn’t averse to rowdy driving if that was your thing. Grip was strong however the back end might be safely poked adrift at the stamp of a throttle. The default was safe understeer, with the significantly lighter 911 being a lot more proficient at changing its line mid-corner

. In spite of its extra stiffening, and due to the fact that of the weight added by that stiffening and by the hood-raising motors, the M6 convertible was a wobbly thing. The coupe’s body was comparatively well controlled although still not perfect. You might still feel (and sometimes see on the guiding column) the result of a huge hit through the suspension.As kept in mind earlier there were 3 suspension modes to choose the very same variety of engine and stab control modes, once owners had actually cycled through the novelty of all 27 mixes (apologies if the maths on that are incorrect)they usually ended up putting all 3 into Comfort on the general public roadways. The Active M Differential passed torque to whichever back tyre was having the least problem getting purchase but the traction control light still saw lots of action on greasy roads. This version of M6 was offered hydraulic ratherthan electro-mechanical steering. For a 1.9 tonne car there’s good feedback, although the wheel can feel rather heavy in Sport Plus mode.M6s began with 19-inch seven double-spoke forged alloys with 20-inch five double-spokers as an alternative. The 20s ended up being basic on later Comp Pack vehicles. Also on the options list were M Carbon Ceramic Brakes(CCB)which had gold instead of blue calipers. Carbon brakes are never low-cost for any cars and truck. A retrofit brake set for the M6 will be

around ₤ 10,000. The basic steel brakes will be a tenth of that. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres are well liked in the M6 neighborhood, but whichever tyres you chose, road noise in the cabin was quite high.

BODYWORK You might have observed the fire that is currently raging about BMW’s brand-new front end appearance. Till that begins to discover admirers, the old-style M6 will continue to aesthetically impress with its petite kidney grille and the ‘pouncing ‘position produced by the bigger arches covering 1.2-inch larger tracks front and back. There were really little styling tweaks to the front end in the 2015 LCI refresh but otherwise there was a pleasing constancy to the appearance of the F series M6 right through its 7-year cycle.The Gran Coupe is definitely among the stealthiest and best-looking big four-doors on the roadway, BMW doing a dazzling task of extending the coupe bodystyle without unbalancing it. Offered the small weight charge over the coupe, the GC was

a versatile and fascinating M6 choice, assuming you got on with the looks– and why wouldn’t you? The ‘double-bubble’carbon roofing on both hardtop cars offered them a mark of distinction and reduced their centres of gravity. The Convertible’s roofing was the routine 6 Series item. Readily available in black, anthracite or beige silver fleck, it might be deployed at up to 25mph and took 19 seconds to cycle. Soft-close doors were another great M6 touch. INTERIOR The driving position was low– in truth, we think it might have been the lowest of any M car– in the multi-adjustable, lightweight and grippy M Sport seats that European automobiles had as standard. They featured pneumatic back adjustment

and by hand adjustable under-thigh assistance. the chauffeur very much at the focus point of the angled instruments and controls. Even extremely lanky types could discover little to complain about in terms of the quantity of head and legroom in the coupe. The Gran Coupe’s’4 +1′ seating layout worked all right as long as you weren’t the ‘1’straddling the transmission tunnel with your crotch accidentally running the rear environment zone controls. Head and legroom for the rear travelers would depend on how huge they were: family motorists need to try prior to they buy.For regular big-trip drivers, the highish level of tyre

noise pointed out earlier was a guaranteed demerit however you might constantly get rid of that by cranking up the Bang & Olufsen stereo that featured the Executive pack. BMW’s excellent head-up screen was standard on the M6. In fact, numerous features that were choices on the M5 were standard on the M6, like the soft-close doors and the

adaptive LED lights. The M6 likewise had actually extended Merino leather, BMW Professional Navigation and, pleasure of happiness, two well incorporated cupholders ahead of the equipment selector. There were none in the previous V10. You also got lots of storage in the broad centre console. PH VERDICT We’re not going to get into the’is it a real M cars and truck’dispute here, aside from to state a)that the last edge of M-ness than the F13 probably did not have was well compensated for by the type of civility and everyday useability

that was more relevant to purchasers of large coupes; and b)the M6 was, in the eyes of those who understood what they were speaking about, a better all round drive than the M5. And you still got 4 seats. Or 4 proper seats in the Gran Coupe.Once once again, heavy depreciation is your good friend. BMW just stopped making the M6 a number of years ago. Prices for the M8 replacement start at ₤ 124k, and that’s before you begin tacking on the additionals. Knock ₤ 100,000 off that and you might be in an M6. Interesting, no?In terms of straight line performance the Comp Pack

cars and trucks in specific are ideal up there with the harsh Mercedes AMG S63, and just 30hp approximately behind Odin’s car, the 6.0 V12 S65. You’ll have a hard time to find a 2014 S63 for less than ₤ 40k, while many S65s of that vintage will be nearer to ₤ 50k. The M6 Comp entry point is ₤ 32-₤ 35k. What’s the catch? Well, you probably would not desire a rear-drive M6 if

it’s going to be your everyday driver and the weather in your area consists of snow, however aside from that, fill your boots. The most budget-friendly S63 M6 in PH Classifieds at the time & of writing was this well worn-in 2013 Convertible with 20in wheels and 58,000 miles. The cost of ₤ 27,000 shows the mileage and the reality that the ragtops weren’t the best choice for enthusiastic car. You’ll find rather a couple of Gran Coupes in the higher M6 rate echelons, which might reflect the appreciation lots of feel for this body shape and the extra practicality it provides. Here’s a 2015 (LCI)592hp Comp Pack GC in Black Sapphire with a sports exhaust, 20in wheels and a raft of carbon fiber. It’s got 48,000 miles and

a complete history

and an appealing cost of ₤ 33,850. Finally, if you’re a straight coupe type looking for a late low mileage example, what about this one-owner 2017 14,000-mile specimen in Silverstone, now being independently offered by that owner for ₤ 38,250. Judging by the clean garage, it’s been fastidiously cared for. Navigate right 1/ 15

Fewer than 1,000 M6s a year found houses over its six-year run, so it wasn’t all that surprising to see BMW putting a hold on the M6 project when the E24 ended up in 1989. That was the high water mark of the F-spec M6 as the entire 6 Series range, consisting of the M6, was changed in the 2019 model year by the 8 Series. Now you can buy an F13 M6 coupe for as little as ₤ 26,000, or a Competition Pack cars and truck for a similarly chin-stroking ₤ 32,000. The message for S63 M6 consumers is to at least think about investing in a warranty.Anyone coming from an SMG transmission in earlier BMWs would be glad to see the improvements brought about in the gen-three M6’s superb DCT transmission. The M6 Comp entry point is ₤ 32-₤ 35k.

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