8 Brilliant Video Games Made Impossible By Terrible Mechanics – WhatCulture

Now no one is going to be declaring that the Alone In The Dark reboot/sequel that dropped in 2008 was a best representation of the survival scary category, but you understand what? The discussion of it was good with the gamer holding products inside their coat, but being not able to stop briefly the video game, plus a picky system of getting/combining the item you desired, indicated that you could get damaged before you’ve even situated your weapons.Adding to this aggravation were some of the worse driving mechanics I’ve yet seen in a game, with gamers moving around like the flooring was ice rather than concrete, and glitching through floors if they got ahead of the scripted events. If these were fine-tuned or worked on more then this might place higher in the general Alone In The Dark video games rankings, but when such moments leave as bitter a taste in the mouth, lots of desired to snuff out The!

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