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As quickly as the eponymous light dies away, the regular zombies of Harran will be the least of your concerns, for this is the time that the Volatiles come out to play.These beings are extremely quickly, extremely difficult to eliminate, and, if you can’t escape in time, incredibly deadly.

Bigger opponents exist within the video game, however for the whole of Dying Light, it’s these nighttime problems that position the greatest risk of them all.The game’s expansion, The Following, introduced the concept of Volatile nests, which are where the creatures retreat to throughout the day. One such nest does

exist in the primary game, too, if you look difficult enough.In a side corridor of a deserted tunnel is a locked room, and trying the door will cause a Volatile to leap up at you and attempt to claw its way out. By noclipping your method in, you’ll all of a sudden come face to

face with the biggest crowd of Volatiles you’ll ever have seen at that point.They don’t attack you, however if you’ve played the video game and seen first-hand the threat that even among these can do, the scene is definitely a disturbing one. Time to grapple the heck out of there and go foraging in more skips, methinks.

Ah, noclip. When a popular boundary-break tool developers made readily offered, now a lost art scheduled only for hardcore techies and dedicated information miners.Makes sense, I

expect, provided the ever-increasing scale and budget of the video game industry’s most popular produce. After all, how are you expected to be immersed because wonderfully rendered open world if you’re zooming around through walls and mountains like they’re made of smoke?Despite this, some designers have actually kept in mind that gamers can’t withstand going where they’re not expected to go in video games, and decided to include a few of the most humorous, weird and entirely dumbfounding secret material you’ve ever seen, hidden outside the map simply for them to find.Suitably, many of these off-map tidbits require the faithful

noclip cheat, offering you freedom to fly outside of the video game’s structure totally unobstructed. In other cases, the player can get out of bounds simply by making use of particular video game environments to hurl themselves somewhere they should not be.Both paths have something in common, however: The things you find at the end are ensured to leave you speechless. There’s a factor everybody you satisfy in 2015’s Dying Light alerts you not to head out after dark.

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