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CNN Correspondent Selina Wang visited the newly-opened Super Nintendo World to flaunt the amusement park, as well as detailing some of its COVID policies. She even managed to get a flight on the AR Mario Kart track, “Koopa’s Challenge”, which is more than many visitors will get – VGC kept in mind that the line was larger than the park itself.

“I’ve been talking to attendees,” stated Wang in the news section, “and many of them have been playing Nintendo games because they were kids. A few of them say that it’s in fact emotional to stroll in there and see their childhood games actually coming to life.”

Initially, the park was due to open in the Summer of 2020, to accompany the Tokyo Olympics, but obviously, that didn’t occur. The fact that Japan is closed to worldwide travel suggests that the park isn’t generating the big numbers of tourists and enhancing the country’s economy, as was originally planned.

Image chances, and other designated “mask-free zones”, are heavily monitored to make sure that visitors preserve a distance from each other and the park’s mascots, in addition to not being enabled to touch. Rather of the Disney-style pictures of kids hugging the costumed characters, you’re far more likely to get an image of Mario and Luigi standing at a decent range, like awkward teens at a senior prom.

Wang notes that the park cost half a billion dollars, and that the gaming market as a whole has been earning huge dollars during the pandemic as one of the few activities you can still do at house.

“For Nintendo, this is an essential action beyond its core organization of computer game and consoles,” states Wang. “It’s cashing in on its bonanza of copyright and iconic characters.” As a Reddit commenter on the video states: “generally, Nintendo is printing money in an industry that is presently struggling,” referring to the style park market.

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