Baby monitor catches boys funny exchange with Alexa when he was unable to sleep – Mirror Online

The TikTok video

Read More Related Articles The Amazon virtual assistant responds to ask: “What should I include?” before the little kid repeats “daddy” – at which point Alexa hilariously responds to say: “I’ve added daddy to your shopping list, exists anything else?”

The kid appears dissatisfied as he replies: “Urm … no” as the mum can be heard giggling at their sweet exchange.

Viewers enjoyed the clip, as one commented to state: “The little ‘uh. no’ at the end, bless this adorable little kid! Hope daddy was delivered ASAP!”

A second recommended: “You got ta include a faster way that calls dad’s phone when someone says that.”

And another composed: “I just want to see exactly what it contributed to the shopping cart.”

Others were more interested to discover out what else they could buy from Alexa, as one asked: “Wait, you believe Alex will add a man to my shopping cart too?”

Another responded: “ALEXA, I need a HUSBAND.”

And another person joked: “If just it was that easy, honey.”

Has your child ever unintentionally made an order utilizing Alexa? Let us understand in the comments.

Viewers loved the clip, as one commented to state: “The little ‘uh. Has your child ever mistakenly made an order using Alexa?

Most children are far more comfortable with modern-day innovation than their moms and dads having matured with it as part of their every day lives.

And a mum who examined her child’s baby display was left in stitches when she saw him rely on Alexa for assistance after getting up throughout the night.

The camera in his space caught the dazzling exchange in between the pair and the mum uploaded it to TikTok, where it racked up more than 3.6 million views as it melted the hearts of individuals in the remarks.

The mum explained that she puts Alexa in her son’s space to play lullabies as he goes to sleep, but one night her child had actually gotten up and asked: “Alexa, I require daddy.”

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