Watch Dogs: Legion Online expands on the main game, but only a little – Polygon

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s multiplayer mode, originally due in December and pushed back on a near-monthly basis given that, is postponed again. View Dogs: Legion Online will now introduce March 9, a delay of 2 weeks.

For impatient fans, what I played in a closed sneak peek occasion one month ago didn’t precisely look like something worth the prolonged wait. For those looking to Watch Dogs: Legion Online as the game’s first narrative expansion, there isn’t much of that. There is a story-extending series of five cooperative missions, however nearly all of them break down to a guns-blazing shootout, with little of Watch Dogs’ mix of stealth and technological trickery.

There is plenty to do by yourself in a reset open-world London, where the player is now hiring and building their own DedSec cell (somewhat pursuant to the concluding events of the primary story). But a great deal of it seems like progression for the sake of development, with collection challenges and repeatable “project” objectives carrying you through yet another season-based schedule of tiered loot.

Let’s begin with the cooperative multiplayer. Even with headsets on, microphones open, all gamers friendly and committed to working together, it didn’t take wish for somebody’s impatience to get the better of them and put all the AI guards on alert. Watch Dogs: Legion Online reuses a great deal of the objective locations from the primary story, which is excellent: I know precisely how to sneak into the excavation website. And perhaps the 3 other gamers in my team did, too.

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