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New Samsung tablets are coming, and they’re sure to be of interest to anyone after a budget plan Android slate: a brand-new leak recommends the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are getting a main unveiling in June.That’s according to WalkingCat on Twitter , generally a reliable source of information, however we do not get much information about the tablets except that June 2021 launch window and the screen sizes– 12.4 inches for the S7 Lite and 8.7 inches for the A7 Lite.

It does appear that the S7 Lite will come with 5G on board, or at least the alternative of 5G, which is something that we’ve heard previously too. It looks as though it might be one of the very best tablet options for getting 5G at a budget-friendly rate this year.If you’ve got a good memory you’ll recall that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite introduced in April last year, though in some markets it took a while for the slate to actually go on sale. In 2021 it would appear that Samsung is taking its time a bit more.We got the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus back in August, and the Lite edition will no doubt be a less effective, more budget friendly version of these tablets– we already understand that the screen size and design seem the very same, for example.For the S6 Lite, Samsung tore down the screen resolution, lowered the offered RAM and storage choices, cut down on the number of on-board speakers and made a couple of other minor tweaks. Expect something comparable this time around.The look of the A7 Lite is a bit more of a surprise, due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is already at the budget end of the marketplace. It would appear in this case that the screen size is getting reduced for the Lite variation, from 10.4 inches to 8.7 inches.We’ll no doubt hear more about these cost effective tablets as we get

towards June. In the meantime we’re anticipating the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 in the future in the year, although approximately this point there’s been hardly anything in the method of rumors about the gadget. Via Android Police

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