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Microsoft is reportedly tailoring up to hold a Bethesda-themed occasion when its $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media is settled. That’s according to noteworthy GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb who made the claim during a current GamesBeat Decides podcast (by means of VGC).

Xbox bethesda showcase

Grubb said,”Yeah, I think [Microsoft is] going to have an occasion for this. I do not know if it will be a complete, Direct-style event, but they will make note of it, and they will talk about it thoroughly and describe what it implies for everyone and sort of speak about the immediate future for both business turning into one. Yeah, expect that to happen at some point in mid-March.” Grubb states that this could be among Microsoft’s “milestones” for new info before this year’s digital E3 event, and likewise notes that Microsoft and Bethesda will likely hold separate E3 conferences this year.

We’re expecting to hear more on Microsoft’s ZeniMax acquisition once the EU decides whether to approve the deal on March 5th. The European Commission’s antitrust regulators could okay for the acquisition to proceed or decided to conduct a more comprehensive investigation into the contract.

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