Blizzard Arcade Collection pops up on ratings board –

Three classics look set to relaunch today.

A triple pack of Blizzard classics has appeared on European scores board PEGI, undoubtedly ahead of an expose at BlizzCon this evening.The Blizzard

Arcade Collection will include Lost Vikings 1, Rock & & Roll Racing and Blackthorne, according to the dripped listing spotted by Gematsu.

The collection’s PC release date is set up for 19th February – hey, that’s today! I guess it’ll go live once formally announced this night.

This trio of Blizzard titles initially released in the 1990s, and comprise some of the first releases from the young studio.

The Lost Vikings is a puzzle platformer very first released on SNES and Amiga in 1993, when Blizzard was still called Silicon & & Synapse.

Rock & & Roll Racing is another 1993 SNES launch. As its title suggests, it’s a mix of racing and licensed rock, consisting of chiptune tracks from Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Blackthorne, launched on SNES and DOS in 1994, is a side-scrolling platformer.BlizzConline’s big opening event is due to take place tonight at 10pm UK time-expect to hear more about all this then. Yesterday, information of this night’s huge World of Warcraft’s statements were accidentally posted online.

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