Gallery: Splatoon 3 Is Looking Pretty Fresh In These New Screenshots – Nintendo Life

@Why_Do_I_Exist Possibly … however truthfully, I think that of all the announcements Nintendo might make, it’s one of the most dazzling they could make in an extremely subtle way.It’s not simply a “hi, that thing is coming”.

In lots of methods, Splatoon 3 may also be “Hey, you have NO concepts just how much life this console still has in it.Splatoon 2 released in 2017. It got content and occasion updates for several years. Like, even after content updates “formally “ended, it was still getting splatfest well into late 2019 with the authorities”last “splatfest in July 2019. Almost as if “simply kidding, we still have MORE splatfests “they started to toss at us” returning” splatfests as far as not just 2020, however actually even into 2021 just last month in january.So revealing Splatoon 3 is a way to go “not only are we still going to be around next year, we’re going to be around next year and BEYOND “. This I believe is most likely the bit that’s probably the most ignored about Splatoon:”You have no concepts just how much life this tiny console still has in her”.

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