“Dino-guts stuffed shooter” Second Extinction arrives for Xbox Game Preview this Spring – TrueAchievements

Second Extinction, the three-player co-op shooter which has you battling to reclaim Earth from altered dinosaurs, signs up with Xbox Game Preview this spring.
Second Extinction was exposed throughout Microsoft’s Xbox 20/20 occasion last year. You partner with 2 other players to eliminate the dinosaurs rampaging across the world in what designer Systematic Reaction explains as “intense however brief combat operations.” Instead of your usual dinos, Second Extinction functions everything from electric raptors to “leviathan T-Rexes that overlook the horizon.”

Over on a recent Xbox Wire post game director Simon Vickers states it was “quite early on in the advancement of the game that we managed to verify something that we all suspected; shooting dinosaurs and seeing them pop was enjoyable. Crafting the moment to moment gameplay is among the most crucial things to solve for a game. It’s the core set of actions that we’re asking gamers to do time and time again after all, and nailing that so early on was a huge win for the game and offered us a big confidence boost that we were on to something unique.”

There’s no concrete date for when Second Extinction joins Xbox Game Preview yet beyond spring, but we do know that when the game arrives for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, it will support up to 120 FPS and will use Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature.

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