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I’m 49 and do not have any desire to have sex. The majority of don’t ask directly about it– it typically comes out while other symptoms are being talked about that they’ve been putting up with a low sex drive.At 49, your 2

primary sex hormonal agents, oestrogen and testosterone, will be taking a dive, and life tensions might well be sapping your libido too. An anonymous UK-based woman, 49, asked GP Clare Bailey for advice on getting her sex drive back (file image)

Low energy and sensation tired will decrease your desire for sex. If you believe you might benefit from further support as a couple, Relate( can help you to make a consultation with a sex therapist. Some couples are happy for their sex lives to tail off in later life and retain a loving relationship.

Q I’ve been happily wed for 20 years and constantly had a close and loving relationship with my spouse even when the kids (now 17 and 19) were little. However in the previous year my libido has actually gone. I’m 49 and do not have any desire to make love. My spouse has actually been understanding but I know he is disappointed. What has taken place to my sex drive and how do I get it back?A First

, you are not alone. As a GP, I have seen great deals of females who discover their libido falls off a cliff when they get near to 50. Most do not ask straight about it– it often comes out while other symptoms are being discussed that they’ve been bearing with a low sex drive.At 49, your two

main sex hormonal agents, oestrogen and testosterone, will be taking a dive, and life tensions could well be sapping your sex drive too. A year of lockdowns with possible increased alcohol, weight gain and absence of workout, combined with the worry and anxiety around Covid, could all be having an influence on your state of mind. An anonymous UK-based lady, 49, asked GP Clare Bailey for guidance on getting her libido back (file image)

Low energy and feeling tired will minimize your desire for sex. I am presuming you don’t have any obvious physical cause for consistent tiredness such as low levels of the hormonal agent thyroxine, or anaemia. If the exhaustion continues, you need to sign in with your GP.Also, consider that you are at a life phase connected with modification and may be feeling a sense of loss as your kids end up being more independent. Or maybe it feels like you are learning more about your partner again after years of parenting.So what to do? Start by discovering ways to decrease tension. Can you take a little time every day to

do something for yourself? A long bath, a DIY facial? You might even give mindfulness a go. Exercise will enhance your energy and mood, so try online yoga or Pilates, or a challenge such as the Couch to 5K run?Start a discussion with your hubby about how you are feeling, so the situation doesn’t

fester. It’s most likely he is feeling declined and will value your sincerity. Clare (pictured)discussed the drop in libido is likely brought on by a quick change

in hormonal agents Being able to talk calmly and honestly is necessary, as communicating and linking sensitively with each other plays a substantial part in sexual destination and arousal.Think of it as an’I feel …’conversation, where you acknowledge that there is a problem you want to solve and prevent anything blaming or threatening. If you believe you might gain from further assistance as a couple, Relate( can assist you to make a visit with a sex therapist.

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you will certainly understand

about it. Often accompanied by nausea and illness, they can be disabling and last for days. So, I was delighted to read new research from Arizona University which found that exposing people to green light for a couple of hours a day minimized the variety of headache days by over 60 per cent and reduced their strength too. Many migraine sufferers will inform you that light makes it worse. A thumbs-up box will be offered in the UK soon or you could try green-tinted glasses. The most likely reason for your drop in sex drive, nevertheless, is the fast modification in your hormones owing to the menopause. Signs can include

vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex, which may be increasing your unwillingness. Your GP can prescribe regional oestrogen creams that revitalise the vaginal lining, and for many females HRT can be transformative, bring back hormone balance and enhancing libido, along with raising your mood.In the meantime, there are a lot of safe and reliable lubes designed for females such as Sylk and Meg’s Menopause, which are readily available at chemists and online. Some couples enjoy for their sex lives to tail off in later life and maintain a caring relationship. However if you desire a physical relationship there is no reason you can’t continue into your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.What camilla and i share! Approximately 14 million individuals in the UK, primarily females, experience bunions. I am one of them and it seems I remain in excellent company, in addition to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and actress

Helen Mirren.That unattractive bulge at the base of my big

toes has pestered me since I was young. I have a genetic predisposition to them, however they can also be brought on by pressure on the huge toe from pointy or tight shoes. Fortunately, I’ve discovered stylish, comfortable shoes by Sole Bliss made of soft products created to have assistance, with cushioning in all the ideal locations. Pain-free feet– that’s overall bliss.You can write to Clare at or Daily Mail, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT.

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