To use the new Wi-Fi sharing choice, merely open the settings menu in Android 12, navigate to the Wi-Fi location, and pick the network you desire to share. From there, hit the “Share” icon, and you need to see a “Nearby” logo below the QR code the app normally creates. When you tap the neighboring button, you’ll either be triggered to trigger the function, or the phone will start scanning your general vicinity for offered contacts.

Once you’ve picked a contact, the individual on the other device will be triggered to accept your shared Wi-Fi network, though the plain text password is not in fact displayed, for included personal privacy. When you accept, your phone will link right approximately the shared network.

Is it faster than sending a QR code or copying and pasting a message in Telegram? Probably not. Is it a little bit more safe and, dare we state, futuristic? Kinda! Truly, there’s no harm to having yet another way to share a piece of details all of us need to share at one point or another, which’s all this is: a little bit more convenience and assurance for those who desire it.

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