Wandersong devs Chicory now bringing its cute dogs and magic brushes to PS4 and PS5 – Eurogamer.net

Chicory: A Colourful Tale, publisher Finji’s wonderful video game of magic paintbrushes and charming pets, is now heading to PS4 and PS5 alongside its previously revealed PC release.Chicory is the creation of Wandersong designer Greg Lobanov and functions music from Celeste composer Lena Raine. It charts the adventures of the previously mentioned pet, who need to use a magic paintbrush to bring back colour to the world after its initial owner, Chicory, vanishes.What follows is something like a blend of Zelda and Animal Crossing, integrating expedition and puzzle fixing -based around the steadily expanding abilities of your brush-with a town’s worth of animals to befriend and assist. There are collectible clothes, plants, and furnishings for customisation fans, plus co-op for those looking to splash some colour with a pal.

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