Pharaoh-like city builder Nebuchadnezzar is out now – Rock Paper Shotgun

The video game’s project will have you developing essential cities in various period in Ancient Mesopotamian history, leading up to the Persian conquest of Babylon in the 6th century BC.

I reckon the coolest part though is the video game’s monument editor, which enables players to completely customise an iconic monument that will one day make historians state things like, “cor, whack that a person on the 7 wonders shortlist”. You might recreate history if you fancy, and make a huge old Ishtar Gate (wot King Nebuchadnezzar II himself did) or grow some lavish Hanging Gardens. You can blow all that off and just make your own lovely colourful temples.

Nebuchadnezzar is out now on Steam and GOG, priced at ₤ 16/$20/EUR20.

If you’re into the old city builders, it’s worth keeping in mind Triskell’s Pharaoh is getting a remake this year.

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