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Whatever the case, the Firesprite task listings are unclear enough that they could be associated to a lots other franchises.

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PlayStation 5 1Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Firesprite, the studio behind PlayStation VR’s remarkably enjoyable survival horror roguelite The Persistence, is recruiting a string of brand-new staff for a “VR action adventure task adapted from among the most initial and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years”. Previous task listings have referred to a “multimillion selling action RPG”, and particularly referenced PSVR.

The advertisement for the Lead Producer position elaborates: “This is an incredibly interesting job, partnering with the IP holder to create a whole new chapter in the extremely initial and amazing universe they have actually established, making use of the complete immersive abilities in VR to build a brand-new story for beginners and fans alike.”

While there are no additional details in the description, the wording is interesting because it was rumoured over a year ago that Sony was exploring the possibility of a Horizon Zero Dawn spin-off built within virtual truth. At the time, Blood & & Truth developer London Studio was believed to be leading the job, but offered its fairly small size it would not be unusual for it to hire external assistance. It’s worth keeping in mind that, as pointed out on the ResetEra online forums, London Studio has given that gotten rid of any references to PSVR from its site, recommending its direction may have altered over the past year.

Whatever the case, the Firesprite job listings are vague enough that they could be attributed to a lots other franchises. And, while the platform holder has actually hinted that there’ll be a future for virtual truth on the PlayStation 5, it’s yet to lay out precisely what it has planned beyond ongoing in reverse compatibility support for its existing PSVR headset.

Still, there’s no question that some type of Horizon Zero Dawn video game designed to make the most of new, upgraded hardware would prove a huge splash ought to the maker actually decide to move in that direction …

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