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Lots of viewers donated before getting Alexa to play loud music, imitate a pet dog barking or make his alarm go off. Andy was stunned (and probably delighted)by the kindness of audiences. After his night of streaming, Andy stated:” You men aren’t gon na think this. Oh, did we discuss that Andy lives at his parents’ home? The bad dog I feel sorry for attempting to sleep, “another included:”I simply feel bad for the pet.

Given the opportunity to earn $16,000 (₤ 11,500) for a night of damaged sleep, the majority of would jump at it.

That’s the truth for one Twitch banner, who notched the incredible sum by shooting himself asleep and letting audiences contribute money – which enabled them to send out noises and text-to-speech messages.

Credit: YouTube/Asian Andy
Credit: YouTube/Asian Andy The 26-year-old-who passes the name’Asian Andy’-didn’t getCredit: YouTube/Asian Andy
much sleep throughout his livestream but that’s to be expected when

you’re putting this sort of power in the hands of the individuals. Numerous viewers contributed prior to getting Alexa to play loud music, mimic a dog barking or make his alarm go off. Another thing individuals seemed to take pleasure in was informing him someone was at the window next to him as he snuggled as much as his pet. Credit: YouTube/Asian Andy In the video, later posted to YouTube, he stated in reaction to somebody choosing up his place:”

I’m simply attempting to sleep. You’re gon na scare the audiences. Because I’m just going to be sleeping anyways. I will not know what’s going on. The door’s locked. “Andy was stunned (and probably thrilled)by the generosity of viewers. We’re sure it sweetens every annoying noise that was played.

After his night of streaming, Andy said:” You guys aren’t gon na believe this. Thank you, holy f *** bro. $ 16,000, holy s ***.” a year ago

He then added:” Yo, holy s ***. Thank you so much. I utilized to drive [an] Uber for $ 16 an hour.” Oh, did we mention that Andy lives at his parents’ house? So they were in the next space. Still, I’m sure they’re not grumbling about his earnings.Many individuals (we’re going to presume that they’re not the ones blasting heavy metal via Andy’s speakers) were worried about the pet, which certainly didn’t know what it was entering when it

crawled in bed for the evening.One composed:” He is simply asking to be gotten up all the time. The poor dog I feel sorry for trying to sleep, “another added:”I just feel bad for the dog. The man understood what he was getting himself into.” As for the basic theme of the video, others loved it and desired to participate the action. Someone even commented: “My brain does this to me every night for totally free.”

Another wrote: “Where can I sign up I have 3 kids I can do this im usage to the sound hahaha they might even catch my other half having night terrors.” Eek.You can follow Andy on YouTube here.

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