Internet cafes are reinventing themselves into cryptocurrency mining farms –

Internet and cyber cafes in Asia are gradually changing themselves into cryptocurrency mining farms for the simple reason it makes more cash.

Currently, the pandemic has an extreme effect on such places. They are positioning together all the graphics cards from the regional computers and mounting them on numerous platforms to have them mine throughout the day. One of the most popular cybercafes in Vietnam revealed on Facebook, “By transforming the service in this pandemic, the advantages are higher, making it clear that mining is being more than rewarding for this class of business.

The owner of this particular cybercafé likewise owns a computer shop, which explains how they had access to many GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards to install them on more powerful farms that complement the rest of the systems to settle the investment quicker.

Source: (Star Computer– Tin Học Ngôi Sao) by means of @I_Leak_VN

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