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Ancient-era grand strategy video game Imperator: Rome‘s 2.0 upgrade releases on February 16, bringing with it an overhaul of the game’s user interface and military system. The new legions and levies systems replace standing armies with levies raised for war, needing innovations to innovate the idea of standing armies, now called legions.

The update likewise brings a powerful change to character interactions, enabling Espionage against foreign powers to evaluate their workforce and treasury counts. Those statistics are now hidden by default, unlike in other Paradox grand technique video games. The interface overhaul is complete, a completely new UI with a new visual design. The video game also now supports nested tooltips, ala Crusader Kings 3.

This 2.0 upgrade comes synchronised to the release of a DLC pack called Heirs of Alexander. The DLC includes mission trees for Diadochi successors of Alexander the Great, allowing them to war with each other in brand-new methods. It likewise includes vibrant honors and dishonors for the new legions, as well as a customized designer for the player to develop Great Wonders of their own.Imperator: Rome had

a rough reception on launch, and nearly two years later is still overhauling major game systems left and. These and past modifications have been extremely well gotten by the video game’s community. You can read the full Imperator: Rome 2.0 update spot notes on the Paradox Interactive online forums.

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