The Game Mode XDA identified is various from the existing GameManagerClient that’s already deprecated and presently responsible for casting video games to different screens. The brand-new “GameManager service,” as it seems called, is described as a “service to handle game associated features,” permitting users to “handle the game mode and persist the information” across gadget restarts. While there aren’t additional information currently, it’s suspected that we’re looking at an API that might immediately allow or disable settings like Do Not Disturb, locked screen brightness, auto-rotation, and more when you start a game.

If that appears familiar, it’s since it is. Almost all Android manufacturers that aren’t Google already have their own customized video game modes. However Google’s option may bring some consistency and standardization to game modes throughout phones, which could help developers know what to anticipate when they execute specific features.

Then there’s a brand-new “Reduce Brightness” choice that will live to name a few fast setting tiles in the notice shade. It’s expected to be an ease of access feature that is expected to help people with visual problems, though there aren’t any images of what Android would look like with “Reduce Bright Colors” enabled, as the feature was originally called when it was in early development.

With many details leaking out left and right, it might not be long till Google releases the first designer sneak peek of Android 12. The business has historically constantly launched new betas on Wednesdays and pulled forward the Android 11 sneak peek launch to February, so the OS might even touch down this week already.