4A Games Tech Q&A – RTX 3000 Is in a ‘Different League’ for RT Performance, But AMD’s Approach Is More Flexible – Wccftech

4A Games, the Maltese developer (a subsidiary of Saber Interactive considering that August 2020) known for the Metro franchise, has actually established a reputation to provide cutting edge visuals and technology with its titles.

A while ago, we reached out to the studio to set up a tech-focused Q&A that would dive into next-generation console hardware and the various applications of ray tracing from NVIDIA and AMD.

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Announced With NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 Support and More; Playstation 5, Xbox Series X

With regards to ray tracing particularly, how would you identify the different capabilities of PlayStation 5 from Xbox Series X and both consoles from the recently launched RTX 3000 Series PC graphics cards? What I can state for sure now is PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X presently run our code at about the same performance and resolution.As for the NV 3000-series, they are not equivalent, they are in different leagues in regards to RT efficiency. At 4A Games, we currently do custom traversal, ray-caching, and use direct access to BLAS leaf triangles which would not be possible on PC. There’s been much talk within the video game advancement neighborhood about the prospective downside of having to support a lower min specification with the Xbox Series S, particularly for its minimal RAM. When it comes to quick storage, both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X appear to have a style benefit compared to PC.

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