WhatsApp could soon face its biggest crisis since the popular chat app launched – Express

Even a little portion of individuals in India leaving the app might be costly for WhatsApp.Latest statistics show

that India is by far WhatsApp’s most significant market with around 340 million people using the service to chat with friends and family.Speaking about the research, Prabhu Ram, Head, Industry Intelligence Group( IIG), CMR told Financial Express Online:”What is exceptional is, a lot of Indians(76%)were conscious of the policy.””WhatsApp has been the default messaging tool for consumers, much more than the

regular SMS. It was free, it was intimate, it was something we owned. Now because of this take it or leave it policy, the customers are becoming mindful that it was not complimentary.” Since these changes were initially announced, WhatsApp has actually been on a huge drive to calm worries about its

brand-new policies. The firm has actually even pressed back the preliminary February execution up until May.

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