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image-large pull-none shortcode” section=” shortcodeImage” > s21-ultra-iphone-12-pro-max-pixel-5Andrew Hoyle/CNET The Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 12 ProMax and Google Pixel 5 all pack great electronic cameras, and have actually impressed us with their ability to take stunning images in any conditions. All three phones pack night modes, which permit them to take multisecond direct exposures and capture bright images even in the dead of night. The outcomes can be dramatic, however which phone does it best?

To learn, I took all 3 on a jaunt around Edinburgh’s delightful old Dean Village to see how every one handles the darkness best. All images were taken either in the basic video camera view on the iPhone and Pixel, or using the “night mode” choice on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. They’re all shot in JPEG, and all were taken using default camera settings.

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> Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

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 bentley-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-maxbentley-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-max iPhone 12 Pro Max.

 dean-cobbles-landscape-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-max iPhone 12 Pro Max.< figure class= "image image-large pull-none hasCaption
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< img src ="" data-original="×0/2021/02/02/f486d4bc-20d6-48e2-8fec-23596c79d997/dean-bridge-night-mode-galaxy-s21-ultra.jpg&quot;

class=” lazy” alt =” dean-bridge-night-mode-galaxy-s21-ultra “height=” 0″ width =” 1092″ > dean-bridge-night-mode-galaxy-s21-ultra Galaxy S21 Ultra.

iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It’s the Galaxy S21 that takes the win here. Not just does its shot have more

great information around the buildings, it’s also caught more light in dark areas, especially in the bottom right of the image where more trees are visible, but that are in nearly total blackness in the iPhone and Pixel’s shots.

 house-night-mode-galaxy-s21-ultra Galaxy S21 Ultra.
 dean-wide-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-max iPhone 12 Pro Max, super-wide lens.

Pixel 5, super-wide lens.

 products-darkness-night-mode-pixel-5 Pixel 5.

 bentley-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-maxbentley-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-max iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max.

 house-night-mode-galaxy-s21-ultra Galaxy S21 Ultra.  dean-wide-night-mode-iphone-12-pro-max iPhone 12 Pro Max, super-wide lens. Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If you’re looking for excellent low-light shots on a budget, the Pixel 5 is the one to opt for. But between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra, it’s difficult to call. Both have taken the crown in different tests, with the iPhone generally offering more natural colors and the S21 Ultra leaning more into sharper details. The S21 Ultra did take a clear triumph in the super-wide test. In other words, there’s no clear winner. Both phones can both take incredibly night-time images, and both have actually shown themselves to be remarkably capable as cams in other tests. Low-light efficiency alone will not help you choose in between them. The biggest differentiator is still the S21 Ultra’s impressive zoom abilities, which blow the iPhone tidy out of the water.

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