Rare views from above Liverpool city centre street show huge drop behind shops people used to pass every day – Liverpool Echo

It is now owned by Network Rail and used as a little private vehicle park. Dan, 32, stated: “I can’t remember why I was looking but I seen it on Google Maps a couple of years earlier.”People have told me they utilized to be able to walk down it when Rapid was open and it was a small corridor. Dan included: “I only got the drone at Christmas.


On the surface, it appears like any other store front.

Link” href=”https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/all-about/liverpool-city-centre&#8221; rel=”Follow” target=”_self”>city centre, is a large drop of around 100ft.

Amazing drone video footage reveals the secret world hidden behind the now empty store in Renshaw Street.

When it remained in use, this part of the properties was simply a narrow corridor in between the two parts of Rapid.

It’s just thanks to modern technology that everybody can now see what rests on the opposite.

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