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Every video game of Valheim takes place on a procedurally created map like the one envisioned above. As you explore your own unique Valheim map, you’ll likely begin to come across various points of interest dotted about the world. There are likewise more unsafe points of interest in every Valheim map, consisting of burial places, crypts, and dungeons that are typically protected by Draugr and other types of enemies. You can ping the Valheim map at any time. To ping a specific point on the map, merely open up the map, and click the middle mouse button on the desired place.

Valheim generates players in the middle of a huge, perfectly circular, procedurally generated map with every brand-new world produced. Even in its existing early gain access to state there’s a lot to check out, and our Valheim map guide will assist you on your journeys by explaining the numerous biomes you’ll encounter and what’s consisted of within them. We’ll also reveal you how you can utilize map markers and ping the map to interact your findings with other players.

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Valheim map overview

Every game of Valheim happens on a procedurally generated map like the one imagined above. These maps are constantly the exact same size, they’re always circular, and they constantly start you in the direct centre.

A big part of every Valheim map is ocean, and the land itself is an island chain of islands, some larger than others. The map itself is produced based upon the world seed – a string of characters which you can input yourself when you create a brand-new world, or leave blank to have the video game arbitrarily generate a seed for you.

As you explore your own unique Valheim map, you’ll likely start to come across different points of interest dotted about the world. To start with you’re likely to bump into radiant red runestones which can be engaged with to read tradition. You’ll likewise find various naturally-occurring ruins of towers and huts, much of which will contain chests with some items inside.

There are also more hazardous points of interest in every Valheim map, including tombs, crypts, and dungeons that are typically safeguarded by Draugr and other types of opponents. You need to keep your eye out for such naturally generating structures while checking out the map.

Valheim 6.jpg

Valheim biomes list Below is the complete list of biomes currently in Valheim: Meadows-Starting and least hazardous biome. Turf and forest. Black Forest – Denser and more unsafe forest, home to copper, tin, and other helpful resources.
  • Mountains – Cold, snow-capped mountains, home to drakes, wolves, and golems.
  • Plains – Warm, relatively treeless biome. Home to Fulings.
  • Overload – Dark and unsafe biomes, home to Iron Ore, Surtlings, Sunken Crypts, and Fire Geysers.
  • Ocean – relatively damp location, comprised of roughly two times as much hydrogen as oxygen. Home to Serpents.
  • Mistlands – Rare forest biome filled with cobwebs. Currently empty of creatures.
  • Deep North – The leading location of the Valheim map. Lots of snow. Presently empty of animals.
  • Ashlands – The bottom area of the Valheim map. Hazy barren wasteland. House to Surtlings.
  • If you open the map and hover over a particular location, the text in the top-right corner will inform you which biome you’re pointing at.

    Valheim map markers.png

    How to place a map marker in Valheim You can put markers on the map in Valheim, to assist monitor specific points of interest, resources, homes, and so on.

    To position a map marker, simply open up the map, select your wanted marker icon from the five options in the bottom-right corner, then double-click on the point of the map that you wish to mark.

    The marker will appear and you can enter a name to additional recognize it. Then struck Enter to verify the marker.

    Left-clicking on an existing marker will put a cross through it, and right-clicking on a marker will remove it.

    Note that you presently can not see the markers of any other player if you’re playing multiplayer on a Valheim server. However, you can tick the “Visible to other players” box in the bottom-right corner of the map screen, which will enable other gamers on the server to see your existing place on their maps.

    How to ping the map in Valheim

    You can ping the Valheim map at any time. This is primarily helpful for communicating in multiplayer. To ping a specific point on the map, just open the map, and click the middle mouse button on the preferred location. Other players will be able to see the ping location, in addition to the player who produced the ping.

    Pings show up in-world as well, that makes them beneficial even in singleplayer for keeping your bearing while you’re heading towards a specific location.

    With that, we’ll finish up this Valheim map guide. Now why not consult our Valheim structure guide so you can get stuck into constructing the best possible home base in your new Valheim world? Elsewhere, there’s our guide to utilizing the numerous Valheim console commands and cheats available.

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