Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC in March as an Epic Games Store exclusive –

It’s been practically 20 years because Kingdom Hearts first sprayed its Disney-fied action-RPG fairy dust on PlayStation, and while the series has (across many, many instalments) beautified a wide variety of platforms, its stayed frustratingly elusive on PC – until now. Square has revealed a huge portion of the series will be concerning the Epic Games Store on 30th March.In overall,

PC gamers will have the ability to get their hands on 11 Kingdom Hearts titles, divided throughout 4 different packages. Up is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + ReMIX, where newbies will certainly want to begin. This consists of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (a remaster of the very first game, with HD visuals, enhanced controls, and more), Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (launched on Game Boy Advance in 2004), and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which, while technically the 5th game in the series (it launched on DS in 2009), is chronologically the next in line.You’ll likewise get Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (a remaster of the 2nd game), Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix (first released on PSP in 2010), and Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded – the 2011 DS remake of Kingdom Hearts Coded.

Kingdom Hearts Series Epic Games Store Announcement Trailer.The 2nd bundle

available to PC players on 30th March is Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, including Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD(a spruced-up variation of the 2012 3DS game), and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep-A fragmentary passage-, a brief experience leading straight into the occasions of Kingdom Hearts 3. Concluding the collection is Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, an HD movie set prior to Birth by Sleep.Those packages are joined by 2 extra offerings: Kingdom Hearts 3 +Re Mind-integrating the 2019 game and its DLC -plus Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, a rhythm-action trip of the series’music that initially launched last year.Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+ReMIX, if you’re still with me, will cost ₤ 39.99, while Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts 3+Re Mind, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory are priced at ₤ 49.99 each. Incidentally, if you also occur to havea PS4 or PS5 and haven’t yet meddled Kingdom Hearts, you might be interested to understand that the

whole set of games above (minus Melody of Memory and the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC)are currently discounted to ₤ 22.49 on the PlayStation Store, which is a significant saving.Square hasn’t yet clarified whether Kingdom Hearts is an irreversible or timed Epic Games Store unique, however we’ll no question find out more about the publisher’s plans as 30th March methods.

11 video games readily available across 4 releases.

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