GAME shares advice for getting PS5 as restock drops – Birmingham Live

PlayStation 5 consoles have landed at GAME today Some customers are running into problem getting them.

<a href="; data-link-tracking="InArticle PS5 consoles have lastly landed here, but fuming fans are requiring to social networks to voice their aggravation at long queues.

“Nice to see I queued to log in ready for 9am, got on at last and after that got this mistake message … now have a 12 minute wait,” one fumed.

“check in on your site does appear to be working this morning. I go through the safe and secure login queue then get a 500 internal server mistake,” a second tweeted to GAME.

@GAMEHelps appropriately responded to the anger, and tweeted: “Hey there, our apologies that this has actually taken place, if this continues please attempt this on a different web browser or gadget, likewise clearing cookies/cache may help with this.”

Another commented: “including my ps5 package and it doesn’t go to basket. I got into the queue all excellent but for ages now it just will not go to basket “

“thanks Game, my kid has been gone to all morning trying to get a PS5, finally gets one and goes through to final action of payment whereby it bombs him out and now says out of stock … I presume the scalpers have actually got their method again.” another raged.

“I’ve pressed pay now for a PS5 and the server decreases – how do I understand if I have it or not?!” another asked.

“waited from early just for it to be out of stock when the queue completed … how is that possible?” another asked.

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