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Although it’s difficult to be sure, it seems like the 992-generation GT3 hasn’t lost any of the previous design’s volume and tone, despite the addition of a petrol particulate filter and other emissions-reducing tech.

Also seen at the end of the video is a GT3 minus the hallmark wing, suggesting the in-demand Touring model will make a return.

More details have yet to be revealed, but we do understand the 911 Speedster’s heavily revised 4.0-litre flat-six engine will be rollovered to future GT models as Porsche‘s GT department continues with naturally aspirated engines.

GT employer Andreas Preuninger said: “We’ve bought the future with this engine. I can’t comment on future projects however we would be stupid not to re-use this engine somewhere.

“Our approach in GT cars and trucks is to stay naturally aspirated. We want to keep that engine for the future which’s why we’ve made such a significant effort to get the engine right without taking feeling and performance away.”

The Speedster, a swansong for the 991 generation of the 911 and priced from ₤ 211,599, utilized the very same powertrain as the outbound GT3 however got a host of updates.

Chief among the updates, and in order to extend the regulative life of this big-capacity direct-injection flat 6, Porsche has fitted two large gas particle filters– one integrated into the exhaust system that exits each side of the block.

GT manager Andreas Preuninger stated: “We’ve invested in the future with this engine.”Our philosophy in GT cars and trucks is to remain naturally aspirated.

Porschehas actually started the accumulation to the impending unveiling of its new-generation 911 GT3 with preview images and verified the model will make its launching virtually next week.

The darkened shots, showing the design in what appears to be a pit garage, expose that the GT3 will keep the distinct, race-inspired rear wing style seen just recently on later-stage prototypes. The preview release likewise verifies the unveiling will take place on 16 February at 2pm UK time.

New 2021 Porsche 911 GT3: first ride in 503bhp flagship

We’ve not had a view of the car’s front end, the extensive number of prototypes spotted around Germany with ever-reducing levels of disguise through last year revealed a number of essential GT3 information.

Along with the prominent wing, there is a significant rear diffuser, front splitter and centre-locking wheels, which are now a hallmark of the design. A set of new air intake slits can be seen in the bonnet, while the lower grille is significantly broader than any current 992-generation cars and truck’s. There’s likewise a centre-exit dual tailpipe.

Those sightings followed an earlier video of the track-focused design being checked at speed on the Nürburgring, exposing its flat-six soundtrack.

The collection of clips of a prototype undergoing track development verifies what we understood currently: that the next GT3 will keep the naturally aspirated boxer engine loved by enthusiasts.

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