Samsung Galaxy S21 5G beats S20 & S10 to set new UK pre-order record – PhoneArena

The news comes around five months after Samsung set its previous UK pre-order record with the Galaxy Note 2 0 series. In that case, it didn’t comment on the need for specific models, however the Note 20 Ultra most likely exceeded its more affordable sibling too.Much like the United States, the UK market tends to prefer high-end smartphones. The strong interest Samsung UK has reported for the Galaxy S21 Ultra most likely won’t have come as a surprise.On a global level,

however, the standard Galaxy S21 design and the premium Galaxy S21 Ultra are anticipated to command similar levels of demand. The Galaxy S21 +is predicted to be the least popular model.Why might Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 5G series be so popular?Price Samsung drastically raised its costs last year and was greatly criticized for doing so. The South Korean brand name kept in mind of the response and starting with the Galaxy S21 line has reduced its prices.In the UK, consumers can get their hands on the Galaxy S21 for ₤ 769 while the premium Galaxy S21 Ultra starts at ₤ 1,149. The Galaxy S21+ objectives for the middle ground with a ₤ 949 cost point.Customers in the United States,

on the other hand, will discover the Galaxy S21 at $799. An additional $200 opens access to the Galaxy S21+, and the top-of-the-range Galaxy S21 Ultra lands in at $1,199.

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