Black Myth: Wukong re-emerges with another stunning gameplay video –

Remember Black Myth: Wukong, the Chinese-made action game based upon Journey to the West that took the internet by storm back in August 2020? It’s re-emerged with another stunning gameplay video.The video,

listed below, was specially produced by Hangzhou-based developer Game Science Studio to commemorate the Chinese New Year and, the team insists, does not represent the plot.

It offers us another excellent appearance at Black Myth: Wukong in action – and great it looks indeed.There’s an outstanding fidelity of the visuals, a cool art design, incredibly slick animations and innovative monster style. I enjoy the different types the primary character, a take on the Monkey King character popular in the west, can take, and how they’re utilized in gameplay.There is possibly

an overuse of visual results for weapon clashes, but I’m nitpicking here. Black Myth: Wukong looks terrific and I can’t wait to provide it a whirl.If you require a refresh, here’s that 13-minute gameplay video from in 2015 that put Black Myth: Wukong on the map: Black Myth: Wukong still doesn’t have a release date.

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