Nintendo Celebrates Fire Emblems 30th Anniversary With Special Voice Actor Interviews – Nintendo Life

Update: And the video is now live! The whole thing is just over an hour long, so make sure to get yourself comfy or pop back and visit us once again when you have the time. For details on what you can anticipate to see, inspect out our original post below.

Initial Article (Thu 4th Feb, 2021 16:30 GMT): Nintendo has announced that it will continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fire Emblem by hosting a special video starring several voice actors from past games in the series.

The video will be published on 8th February, offering up a series of “honest, in-depth discussions” including seven actors from the franchise’s history. The stars in concern are Cherami Leigh (Caeda, Mae, Rhea), Chris Hackney (Boey, Quan, Dimitri), Billy Kametz (Ferdinand Von Aegir), Christian La Monte (Seliph, Roderick, Ignatz), Patrick Seitz (Fehnix), Xanthe Huynh (Eir, Marianne) and Ray Chase (Roy, Alfonse, Gaius).

Light, the very first game in the series, on Switch. That game also saw a very beautiful’Fire Emblem 30 th Anniversary Edition ‘physical release– it’s just an embarassment that it’s all just beingprovided for a limited time. Will you be keeping an eye out for this special video? Have you been a fan of Fire Emblem for much of those 30 years? Inform us below.

The video will be published on 8th February, providing up a series of “candid, extensive discussions” featuring seven stars from the franchise’s history.’s 30th anniversary, we will be releasing a celebratory video of honest, thorough discussions including 7 voice stars that have actually brought life to some fan-favorite Fire Emblem characters! Will you be keeping an eye out for this unique video?

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