Epic Store Will Have More Exclusives Than Ever In 2021/2022 – GameSpot

” We have more exclusives coming in the next 2 years than we have actually released to date,” a representative said.PC Gamer estimates that there have been more than 100 titles that have released on the Epic Games Store as exclusives in some kind or another considering that the platform launched in 2018., as well as the next games from Remedy, Playdead, and genDesign. This percentage is much more favorable than traditional 70/30 earnings split that exists on Steam and other PC and console platforms, as well as iOS.Another method that Epic has used to assist bring people over to the Epic Games Store is to offer away games for free-and this great offer is continuing in 2021.”name”:” host”,” worth”:” https:/ / secure-us. This video has an invalid file format.

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