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Setup. Start. Files. Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Store.

Let there be no doubt now: The initial release of Windows 10X is absolutely nothing less than a Chrome OS clone that runs web and Microsoft Store apps. And that makes sense: As I composed earlier today in Windows 10X for Single Screens Leaks, that was the initial plan all along.

Thanks to today’s leak, Brad and I were both able to get this early variation of Windows 10X up and running in Hyper-V. (Currently, this is the only method to utilize the system, but I ‘d love to see it perform on real hardware.) It’s still early, and the virtual version of Windows 10X is extremely slow. But here are a few fast very first impressions.

Setup. Setup is plainly derived from the Windows Setup utilized by mainstream Windows 10 variations, with the exact same standard steps, but utilizing a cleaner and simpler

interface. As one must expect, you need to sign-in with a Microsoft account to utilize this system.

Desktop. Like Setup, the Windows 10X desktop is simpler. The taskbar shows icons centered by default, as God planned, but you can’t truly”utilize “the desktop for keeping files as you can with mainstream Windows 10 versions. Start. The new Start experience nearly fills the screen and looks similar to the similar interface in Chrome OS. It has My websites and apps and Recent views, and is rather similar to the Office app too, when you think of it.

Apps. All apps run full-screen in Windows 10X, even apps that look goofy that way, like Calculator.

Files. This is the super-simplified version of File Explorer. It just works with OneDrive-hosted documents and files, and a little handful of local folders, like Downloads,

Documents, and Pictures. Microsoft Edge. It’s affordable to presume that the majority of Windows 10X users will be spending a lot of time in Edge, and from what I can tell in advance, it

‘s a full-featured internet browser. It supports typical Edge extensions, for instance, and you can set up PWAs. Microsoft Store. The Store app looks and works usually. Strangely, I can see my bought desktop apps, like Affinity Photo, in the Store. And Edge lets me download desktop apps like Chrome. But in both cases, when I attempt to install them, absolutely nothing takes place. If true, this confirms the rumors that the Win32 container is not consisted of in this initial release.

Task switching. Windows 10X supports both Alt + Tab and, through a default taskbar button, Task View (but not Timeline).

Action. Ever use Chrome OS? This UI will look terribly familiar too. I’ll have more quickly however I desired to get this out as fast as possible for obvious factors.

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