MSI To release two super fast NVMe SSDs – Gen 4×4 and Read and Writes up-to 7000 MB/s –

MSI is eager to redefine the GAMING SSD and lands in the NAND arena with a bang. The two upcoming SSDs have actually been created to provide storage approximately 4TB, read speeds up to 7000 MB/s,

and write accelerate to 6900 MB/s. Little info has actually been shared otherwise. The NVMe M2 SSD units are being fitted with a cooler. We expect something Phison based alright. The slide you see discussed up-to 7000 MB/sec reads and a staggering 6900 MB/sec writes. NAND used is TLC (3-bits per cell), and MSI will offer up to 4 TB variations. More details to follow as soon as we get it.

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