After tens of thousands of attempts, Mario Kart fan finally pulls off Rainbow Road “ultra shortcut” –

Getting great at Mario Kart includes learning all the faster ways: the ones Nintendo hides just out of view behind trees or waterfalls, and which might give you a small edge on your rivals as the surface line nears. There’s another class of shortcut altogether – ones called “ultra shortcuts” by fans eager to break Mario Kart as much as possible by carrying out crazy stunts Nintendo had never intended.

Ultra shortcuts need frame-perfect timing, or understanding of hidden geometry which bestows odd effects. And while you can pull these off using tool-assisted gameplay, the holy grail has actually been to accomplish them by hand. It simply takes practice, and numerous, many efforts.

Today, French Mario Kart fan ArthuurrrP has been credited with being the first person to manage Mario Kart Wii’s last ultra shortcut – one which has actually been learnt about for years however only ever finished in tool-assisted runs.

Very first discovered in 2016, this ultra shortcut sees you skip practically the entire Rainbow Road course by reversing quickly after beginning, then improving into and along the road’s railings. You then need to perfectly increase over a massive space and land on the other side. Here it is in action:

, which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. Please make it possible for cookies to see. Manage cookie settings According to eSports expert Rod Breslau, tens of countless attempts have actually been made at attempting to pull this off-

prior to ArthuurrrP’s successful run above. For more detail on ultra shortcuts, YouTuber Summoning Salt has an excellent video breaking down the requirements for each and how they were discovered. Around the 30-minute mark, the video concludes by going over the then-uncompleted Rainbow Road ultra faster way which was finally achieved today.

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