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A guy has been fined ₤ 200 for driving 14 miles to play Pokémon Go in a different town.

Warwickshire cops provided the penalty for “contravening the requirement to not be or leave outside the place they live without a reasonable excuse”, BBC News reported.

The unnamed guy was discovered to have actually taken a trip by automobile from his home in Bedworth, near Nuneaton, to Kenilworth – a town 14 miles down the M6 on the other side of Coventry.No reason was

offered for why the male had actually made the journey, and hadn’t simply stayed in his own town.

Bedworth, to the north, is 14 miles from Kenilworth.” Everyone has a part to play in ensuring they slow the spread of the virus,” a police spokeswoman stated. “We want to remind people they must not leave or be outside their house unless they have a sensible excuse.”

In another story published this afternoon, BBC News Reported on a Lincolnshire woman who got a similar fine for travelling over 100 miles to check out a McDonald’s restaurant in Scarborough.Earlier this week, police in Essex pulled a social

media post scolding”a variety of different males aged 30+”for separately playing Pokémon Go while exercising in their local town of Rochford.” The tweet was issued in excellent faith,”Essex authorities mentioned,” but was later erased to ensure the proper level of severity when sharing essential collaboration and

safety messages about the pandemic.” But while those gamers had actually remained near home, there was no reason specified why the Warwickshire man had taken a trip in other places. When announcing recent in-game occasions, Pokémon Go maker Niantic has actually advised gamers to” please understand your environments and follow guidelines from regional health authorities when playing”.

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