NHS Covid-19 app Loading notification: a bug fix is on the way – TechRadar

The developers behind the app have acknowledged the problem, and a message from the main NHS Covid-19 app on Twitter states they’re working on a fix.It doesn’t appear to be all Android phone owners in the UK; from our research study so far, the problem does not appear to be impacting those who have the iPhone application either.A few of our writers on group have actually seen the exact same bug, and there does appear to be a method to get rid of the notification. We are conscious of a problem impacting Android users of the #NHSCOVID 19app who are receiving a loading screen notification. The alert has considering that vanished for one of our authors, however the grievances on Twitter are continuing suggesting the concern isn’t solved for everyone.It seems to be a bug, and you may simply have to wait for a fix to come straight from the designers rather than arrange the concern yourself.Don’t have the NHS Covid-19 app?

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