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Yesterday LG brought us an official teaser for its upcoming rollable screen phone, appropriately called LG Rollable. The gadget will use a flexible BOE-developed OLED screen that expands from the casing letting you broaden the screen genuine estate with no folding systems.

LG Rollable confirmed to launch later this year

< img class="inline-image" width =”1200″ height=” 631 “src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/21/01/lg-rollable-2021-launch-confirmed/-1200/gsmarena_003.jpg”alt=”LG Rollable verified to introduce later this year” > Now, Nikkei Aisia has obtained confirmation from an LG representative that the LG Rollable is certainly going on sale later this year. There’s no particular date discussed nor any rates information, but it’s still terrific to understand that such an item is coming so quickly.


Take a look at a quick glimpse of the LG Rollable at the end of the company’s CES press conference below.

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