Indiana Jones fans spot clues to new games location and setting –

Bethesda’s brand-new Indiana Jones teaser trailer has actually been searched for hints as to where and when the game will be set – with some appealing results.

Yesterday’s official news release offered little information on the video game itself, aside from confirmation it would tell an initial story including Indiana Jones at “the height of [his] career”.

Now, fans reckon they can identify where Jones will start his journey, and in what year.

Towards completion of the teaser we see an airplane ticket to Rome pushing Jones’ desk, dated October 21st 1937. This would place the game chronologically just a year after Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a year before the occasions of Last Crusade.

(Fun fact: Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders. No other Indiana Jones movies exist.)

Enjoy yesterday’s Indiana Jones teaser in HD.Specifically, Jones looks headed to Vatican City, revealed in the large map on display underneath the plane ticket -you can make out the Sistine Chapel and other landmarks quite easily.Video game freelance writer Jordan Oloman had the ability to transcribe some of the letter in Jones’ typewriter, which is dealt with to a priest:”Father [name obscured], “… thank you for taking your time to assist me … with this composed request … I will be arriving in Rome … I have been informed that your contact will be waiting.” Sistine shock.GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley noted that 1936/37 would be when Italian dictator Mussolini was growing near to Hitler – tying the game into the series’ normal Nazi-fighting setting.

, which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. Please enable cookies to view. Handle cookie settings Could this be the artefact Jones is sent out

Earlier this week, Lucasfilm Games re-established itself with a brand-new logo and promise of new Star Wars video games, along with extra projects including other Lucasfilm franchises. Which could be next?

1937 is also when Mussolini was provided with the Sword of Islam, the most Goddamn Indiana Jones sword I’ve ever seen. It ‘d fit the Indiana Jones mould. Last night, many Bethesda fans understood Howard had different Indiana Jones objects on display behind him when he took part in a Xbox interview going over the business’s upcoming acquisition by Microsoft back in September 2020. Todd is a lifelong fan of Indiana Jones. He owns a lot of cool Indiana Jones stuff.

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