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2K22 is the single most essential computer game WWE will ever put out. Why? One reason: 2K20 was absolutely awful, and sits awkwardly as a tip of everything that can go wrong when designers take client commitment for given. It’ll take 2K Games some time to overcome that PR disaster.

They can start by producing an item everyone can be happy of. If Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore’s Reddit AMA last summer season is anything to pass, then they have a possibility to do simply that. Regrettably, that open door Q&A is simply the start; Gilmore existed to pacify fans more than provide concrete info, and his vibrant words will count for absolutely nothing if the next title isn’t a winner.

Here’s where they require to begin …

2K22 just should get it. This is a series with lineage stretching back over 20 years, and individuals have actually grown exhausted of samey rubbish that fails to satisfy expectations or drive things forward. It’s not over-the-top to suggest that this franchise might die for good if 2K don’t make significant changes and improvements.

The summary line states it best.

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