WhatsApp to delete millions of accounts next month if users dont agree to share data with Facebook – Daily Record

“The details we share with the other Facebook Companies.

Link” data-content-type=”news”>WhatsApp is changing its privacy policy that needs users to share information with Faceook or threat having their account shut off.

The messenger app, which is owned by Faceook, is sending its two-billion active users a pop-up message asking them to agree to its most current terms.

Link” data-content-type=”news”>app otherwise you will lose access after February 8.

WhatsApp users have actually gotten the pop-up messages over the previous 24 hours – with numerous clicking the ‘agree’ button without reading the terms in the little print.

The messenger service becomes part of <a href="https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/netflix-hike-prices-24-year-23272308&quot; data-link-tracking="InArticle

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