Steam is getting expanded Xbox controller support – The Verge

A current beta update for Steam has actually added brand-new features for players utilizing Xbox controllers. One of the more intriguing additions is for Xbox Elite controller users, who can now use Valve’s software application to bind the accessory’s rear paddles in controller configurations. The function offers gamers more flexibility with how to utilize the additional inputs on the exceptional controller.

Other updates for Xbox controllers include the capability to bind the Series X gamepad’s share button in controller configurations, and the capability to utilize more than four Xbox controllers with Steam at a time. Support for trigger rumble has likewise been included for games using the Windows.Gaming.Input API.

The Steam beta customer likewise consists of a brand-new fall menu for PS5 controller users, which lets them customize the controller’s LED. It can now be permanently made it possible for or handicapped, or else enabled just when numerous controllers are linked. The update likewise adds assistance for the Wooting Two keyboard, which has functions like analog essential input.

In the meantime, these new functions are only offered in Steam’s beta client, which you can decide into by going into the Settings menu, selecting Account, and using the drop-down menu in the Beta participation section. The Xbox controller features will likewise require to be enabled in the General Controller Setting area of Steam’s settings, and need a chauffeur to be set up.

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