Tech Briefing: Bike Storage, Copper Components, A Snowbike Conversion Kit & More – January 2021 –

Tech Briefing is a feature for the new stuff that we find each month, however haven’t gotten our hands on yet. An eclectic serving of tech, from revolutionary products to traditional unique gear, with some goofy stuff included for excellent measure.Reverse Components Nico Vink Signature Series Grip in Copper EUR19.90/$24.99 to EUR79.90/$99.99 The Nico Vink Signature Series Grip is now offered in a brand-new Copper colourway.(Learn more.) Children’s Illustrated MTB Book – ‘A Bike

For You’ $17.99 USD’A Bike For You ‘is a kid’s illustrated book about bikes and the animals who ride them.(Learn more.)

Get Dirty Gaiters for Trail Builders $ 29.95 USD Keep your

shoes without dirt, sticks, and rocks with the Bandit gaiters from Get Dirty Designs. (Learn more.) Mossy Cog Tight Stack Bike Rack$375 USD Mossy Cog Designs has introduced

its brand-new bike storage option which is created to maximize space while still accumulating to 4 bikes.(Learn more.) Canyon Stoic Hardtail EUR799 to EUR1,699 Canyon’s new hardtail is made to be budget-friendly

and versatile.(Learn more.) Wolf Tooth GeoShift Performance Angle Headset $104.95 The new headset enables riders to alter the geometry of their bike by altering the head tube angle by 1 degree.(Learn more.)

Scott Stego Plus Helmet EUR 199.95 The Stego has been entirely revamped for 2021.(

Learn more. ) Trailforks on Garmin Wearables Free in your area or$3/month for Trailforks Pro The Trailforks app now deals with the Garmin wearables like the Forerunner and Fenix watches. Have a look at the short article about a few of the helpful functions when following a path with a watch

.(Learn more.) Carbon Marin Alpine Trail Enduro Bike$3,189 to$4,099 USD Matt Jones and Martha Gill take a rip

on their brand-new carbon horses.(Learn more. )< img class ="news-photo"alt="

27.11.20. Marin Bikes Alpine Trail 2 Carbon. Rider Matt Jones. PIC Andy Lloyd “src= “ “> Commencal Meta Power TR $ 4,999 upto$7,199 USD The new Meta Power TR is

geared up with Shimano’s new EP8 motor with a 630Wh battery.( Learn more.

) Manitou Mezzer Expert Fork$749.99 USD Developed from the very same chassis as the Mezzer Pro, the new Expert fork looks to use similar efficiency at a lower cost. (Learn more.) Cascade Components Specialized Enduro and Norco Sight Links$358 USD Tune the suspension characteristics of the most recent Specialized Enduro and Norco Sight with these new links.( Learn more.)

2021 Canyon Strive$3,599 to $6,999 USD

Canyon’s Strive gets colour and spec updates for 2021 and all designs now feature 170mm forks. (Learn more.)

Kali Mission and Cascade Gloves $30-40 USD Kali adds 2 new light-weight gloves to their lineup.(Learn more.)

Melon Optics Rob Warner Signature Alleycat Riding Glasses ₤ 120/ EUR135/$150 USD A wild brand-new colorway for a wild kind of person.(Learn more.) Monserat Sustainable Mountain Bike Jersey 69EUR Monserat has actually spent 3 years researching how they can make a sustainable

and responsible riding jersey.(Learn more.) Bird Aether 9AL Short Travel Trail Bike Frames begin at ₤ 1260 Following the Aether 9C Bird has actually now revealed an alloy variation of

their brief travel bike.(Learn more.) VHS Slapper Tape Version 2.0$44.99 NZD/ ₤ 24.99 GBP Velocity Hucking Systems’most recent

tape is declared to be softer, wider, and quieter than the original.

(Learn more.)< img

class= “news-photo” alt=””src =””&gt; Commencal Updated Prices & Timelines Numerous Long lead times for elements, skyrocketingtransport costs, and Taiwanese exchange rates are problems facing a great deal of companies at the minute.(Learn more.) Salsa Cassidy & Blackthorn$

3,199-$7,499 USD An inside appearance at how Salsa’s biggest, most aggressive mountain bikes happened. (Learn more.) ENVO Electric Snowbike Conversion Kit$2000 USD Apedal-powered snowmobile with a throttle option? Intriguing.(Learn more.)

Pivot Shuttle eMTB $10,999 USD Pivot’s$ 11,000 eMTB receives upgraded geometry and a brand-new motor.(Learn more.)

Mossy Cog Designs has actually launched

its new bike storage service which is created to free up space while still saving up to four bikes. $104.95 The new headset permits riders to modify the geometry of their bike by changing the head tube angle by 1 degree. $30-40 USD Kali includes two new light-weight gloves to their lineup. ₤ 120/ EUR135/$150 USD A wild brand-new colorway for a wild kind of man. $10,999 USD Pivot’s$ 11,000 eMTB receives updated geometry and a brand-new motor.

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