Hitman 3 Will Have Dark Souls-Esque Persistent Shortcuts to Discover – Push Square

In the end, everything is Dark Souls. Well, not really, however the FromSoftware series actually has been extremely prominent. Even Hitman 3, due for release in a few brief weeks, has a new function that’s prominent in those hard action RPGs.

A key element of the level style in From’s video games is the concept of shortcuts, and it’s something IO Interactive is implementing in its latest assassination sandbox. As you can see in the above video from Game Informer, the brand-new video game’s levels will feature faster ways you can only unlock from one direction, indicating you’ll need to check out the open areas to discover them. When you’ve opened up a faster way, it will stay unlocked for future playthroughs, providing you brand-new opportunities for your murderous missions.

It’s a fairly easy addition, however it makes total sense for a video game like Hitman. You’ll be able to utilise these quicker paths to get to hard locations much more easily, permitting you to experiment much more. Sounds great to us.

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