Nintendo buying Luigis Mansion 3 developer Next Level Games –

Next Level Games, the gifted Canadian designer behind Luigi’s Mansion 3, will become a fully-owned subsidiary of Nintendo.

Nintendo announced an arrangement to acquire the designer today, pending investor and regulative approval.

The Vancouver-based studio has long been an ally of Nintendo’s. It established the popular Mario football spin-off Super Mario Strikers and its sequel for Wii, in addition to the Wii model of Punch-Out !!

In 2016, Next Level Games was memorably entrusted with creating a Metroid spin-off mostly without series star Samus, which led to the widely-panned Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

But it has also end up being the new home of the Luigi’s Mansion series, first with its decent 3DS stab Dark Moon and after that most just recently with the enjoyable Switch entry Luigi’s Mansion 3.

It’s a reasonably unusual action for Nintendo to get out its wallet and buy an external studio outright, though other examples such as Retro Studios (purchased in 2002) and Monolith Soft (acquired in 2007) do exist.

Next Level Games said back in 2014 that its time making licensed movie tie-ins (it utilized to also do a lot of these) was over, which it would now work specifically with Nintendo.No terms for the deal have actually been revealed, though it is anticipated to be nearby 1st March. Roll on Luigi’s Mansion 4?

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