Cost Increases and Tariffs: ASUS to Increase MSRP on Graphics Cards and Motherboards – AnandTech

To that end, ASUS has actually put out a declaration through its public Facebook group stating that it will be increasing MSRP on components, with graphics cards and motherboards being highlighted as the initial targets, with more to potentially follow. The reasons for this are explained in the post, made by long-time ASUS staff member Juan Jose Guerrero III, are due to ‘boosts in expense for parts, operating costs, and logistical activities plus a continuation of import tariffs’. ASUS is a large scale production house for both AIB graphics cards and motherboards, and can typically deal with economies of scale, so the truth that the company has actually chosen to be open about its MSRP increases need to indicate that other similar businesses might have changes coming soon, if not already used, offered that the concern of element costs, logistics, and import tariffs are industry broad and not simply restricted to one business.

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