AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 series may bring back 16 cores – TechSpot

In the very first 2 Threadripper incarnations, the lowest tier HEDT part AMD sold was a 16-core, 32-thread chip, boasting more cores than the highest-tier, 8-core consumer parts. It seems during this cycle nevertheless, AMD might be keen to bring back the 16-core Threadripper SKU while still offering the Ryzen 5950X, its 16-core customer chip.
— Yuri Bubliy (@ 1usmus) January 1, 2021

Another secret will be the naming plan of this rehashed chip given that the Ryzen 5950X has currently taken the classification that the Threadripper x950X as soon as held.

If this proves right, we can presume that AMD has actually discovered a sweet spot at the 16-core mark, but enough of the market requires the high caches, quad channel assistance, and other professional functions that come with HEDT chips and the TR4 chipset that they feel deserves making both SKUs. That said, we do not know if Genesis Peak will support the current TR4 chipset, or if AMD will require something brand-new this cycle.

Time will tell once it is released, and we hope AMD doesn’t make it more confusing for customers than it needs to be. As this is an early leakage, there is no sign of a release date, however AMD is expected to speak about Genesis Peak this month at CES 2021.

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