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[Update] Official Garmin response

On your watch, if you go to System > > About and CPEprograms Expired, please give 5 complete minutes outdoors with no movement to see if your CPE file will upgrade for you to CURRENT.

The concern is connected to the ephemeris information file which is likewise called the EPO file (Extended Prediction Orbit) or Connected Predictive Ephemeris (CPE). This assists your gadget lock on to a satellite properly.

We hope to have this issue dealt with as rapidly as possible and this problem is our # 1 greatest priority.

A a great deal of users are reporting GPS issues with much of the current Garmin watches, this issue may even affect other brands, with at least one online forum thread about he Suunto 9 Baro struggling with problems.

Please know that we know the major GPS problem that 2021 has brought upon the Fenix 6 series watches and we are investigating reports. The issue seems to be impacting not only Garmin but a few of our rivals too.

Sony GPS chipset triggering GPS problems on lots of gadgets Following on from my earlier post about the Garmin GPS precision issues that have actually occurred considering that the 1st of January 2021, I thought it might be useful to supply a more succinct post about the issue.

If this does not fix the CPE you need to enable the watch to GPS soak to get a complete satellite repair, even. This indicates to wait for an additional 2-5 minutes after the device checks out GPS all set.

This seems to affect gadgets that use the Sony GPS chipset, which simply takes place to be the most popular chipset in use for customer gadgets.

Devices experiencing the GPS precision problem The problem so

far has been verified to impact:

Garmin Devices

  1. Garmin Fenix 6 series
  2. Garmin Forerunner 945
  3. Garmin Forerunner 745
  4. Leader 245 and Forerunner 245 Music
  5. Garmin Forerunner 45
  6. Vivoactive 3 and 4
  7. Garmin Venu
  8. Garmin Edge 130 Plus 530/830/1030 Plus

There have been blended reports about the Garmin Forerunner 745 experiencing the issue, however based on current information about the CPE file, it might be that not all users are experiencing the exact same problem.

Other brands

While I can’t validate exactly if all gadgets are suffering fromt he same issue but it is expected to consist of:

, so the signal was not strong. I certainly did not run in the sea How to inspect the CPE status of a Garmin watch? It is quite simple to validate this yourself Enter into the menu Scroll to the system(it’s rather to push up not down as it is the last item on the list)Scroll to about(once again, up not down)Scroll down through several bits past the Wi-Fi mac address and you will How to repair the CPE ended status? There is a good opportunity the watch will currently be fixed if you have currently suffered this issue. The present guidance from Garmin is to start an activity and permit the watch to GPS soak, which generally enables it to update

the satellite areas itself. If

  • Coros GPS watches
  • Polar Vantage V/M/V2, Grit X, Ignite
  • Suunto 5 & & Suunto 9
  • Wahoo RIVAL

Among my commenters and a Strava fan also validated it is taking place on their Anytone 878 portable GPS/Radio.

an outside product, instead taking

2-3 minutes to discover GPS signals, it will normally take 5-10 seconds. Basically, the file is generally a list of exact places of the GPS satellites permitting your watch to link as rapidly as possible. Offset/ misaligned activity tracking For the majority of users, the GPS isn’t

entirely incorrect, but rather, the track is misaligned. This is mainly what took place to me, rather than running down the promenade in my town, I ran through

the sea. Usually it will re-correct itself during the activity while the device

the in the sea to on the pavement my pace soared. The CPE only helps the GPS, so on a clear day with a strong satellite lock, there should not be too much of an issue. The other day was very overcast(for me)

has more time to link to the satellite. This is why the start area perhaps wrong, but end area. In my case, the corrections it performed also messed up elevation data and lap pace data. As it corrected my run going from

will enable the device to acquire

a signal quicker when you are going to tape-record an outside activity such as a run or flight. Expired files will result in a much slower time frame before the gadget identifies its current location.What Does EPO or CPE Mean on My Garmin Fitness Device? On another page they state: Extended Prediction Orbit (EPO) or Connected Predictive Ephemeris (CPE )files allow GPS gadgets to anticipate where satellites will be in the sky, which

decreases GPS acquisition time. With upgraded EPO or CPE files on

Explanation of the GPS Issues: Expired CPE triggering GPS misalignment Red line is my real route Garmin have now offered some type of explanation, verifying it is to do with the CPE file. According to Garmin: There are files
used by the watch to predict where the

GPS satellites are situated in the sky at any given minute. Present EPO or CPE files

you have done an extended have actually, it prolonged likely

this problem. The other day at 1:30 PM I did a 4 mile walk and I still experienced the problem, albeit less serious. The starting area was

My Fenix 6 watch reveals CPE Current since 3rd January Just to verify, I did a long term on New Years Day where I experienced the problem. The CPE was still expired following

off but by the time I got to the end of the street it remedied.

Even if this doesn’t fix the CPE you need to allow the watch to GPS soak to receive a full satellite repair. Garmin have now provided some type of description, confirming it is to do with the CPE file. Expired files will result in a much slower time frame prior to the gadget identifies its current location.What Does EPO or CPE Mean on My Garmin Fitness Device? How to inspect the CPE status of a Garmin watch? My Fenix 6 watch reveals CPE Current as of 3rd January Just to validate, I did a long run on New Years Day where I experienced the problem.

  1. this will be fixed.
  2. If not, you can leave the watch and attempt taping an activity exposed for a while, which
  3. should hopefully update the information. Also when you start an activity, simply provide it an additional minute approximately. Garmin must likewise press an upgrade through and If you regularly sync your watch with your phone, the upgrade should get pushedthrough instantly. If not I ‘d recommend syncing with your computer once

a day till the problem is fixed(or keep an eye on the Garmin forums).

Checking my watch this morning, the CPE status is now current. Garmin online forum posts referencing the problems These might help provide live updates on the issues GPS accuracy– Fenix 6 forum GPS precision on Jan 01 2021?– Forerunner945 online forum Vivoactive 4 GPS precision GPS Recorded Track Shifted by FAR with Respect to the Map– Forerunner 245 forum Anybody else having GPS trouble?– Reddit

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