Ubisoft+ is rumoured to be the next subscription service to be added to Xbox Game Pass – GamesRadar+

Ubisoft+– Ubisoft’s subscription service– may be provided as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.The rumour has

been bubbling around for a few days now– I initially saw it before Christmas– but at the time, it had not been validated by any notable sources and was loosely organized in a bigger collection of speculative Xbox “rumours”.

Now, however, Windows Central editor Jez Corden has actually acknowledged the rumour “has a strong possibility of being true based upon stuff [they ‘d] heard”, which reportedly mentions Ubisoft will join the service in late 2021.

“I’ve seen rumours about Ubisoft Uplay+ signing up with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” Corden recently tweeted (thanks, ONMSFT.com). “I believe this has a strong chance of being real, based upon stuff I’ve heard.

“I imagine it would be a vault or smaller piece of older games, however crazier things have actually happened,” they added. “I constantly believed EA Play would be an additional tier of Game Pass, but they simply rolled that bad young boy right in. Guess we’ll see.”

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