PS5 stock UK – latest updates at Amazon, Argos, Currys, Very, Tesco, Smyths – Birmingham Live

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If you lost out on finding a PS5 in time for Christmas, then the search is still on.

But exist any offered online or in shops? Or are we going to having to wait until well into the new year?

There is a rumour of a variety of stores getting brand-new stock between January 5 and 7, however this is unofficial.

And remember it may be worth checking out an actual shop to try to find a console instead of constantly refreshing online pages.

We consulted all the major sellers and here’s what we discovered.

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Twitter posts, but the website is when again showing the console as” currently not available.” A few Amazon customers who have actually handled to effectively receive a console and buy have had concerns with shipments, so it may be worth going with Prime to get it quick if you do find one in stock. < aside class =" read-more-links "data-mod

Are there any offered online or in shops? A couple of Amazon reviewers who have handled to successfully purchase and receive a console have had issues with deliveries, so it might be worth opting for Prime to get it fast if you do discover one in stock. A message at the Argos site reads:” Sorry, PlayStation 5 is presently unavailable. A note on Curry’s website states the merchant is “working relentlessly to protect more stock” and clients should examine back for updates. At the Very website, a message reads: “Unfortunately we have sold out of our PS5 consoles for now.

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